Research Reports

From time to time we offer reports of interest to our members and other parties. Click “abstract” to read a summary of the report or download the complete document by clicking “full report”.

March 2004 – Treated Wood Post & Pole Government Buyer Survey Report: abstract>>

How to bid on government projects. Report covers survey findings from federal and Western state government buyers and specifiers of wood post and pole products, explains their procurement systems for different size projects (under $2,500, $2,500 to $25,000, and over $25,000), how to register as a vendor, and get placed on federal and Western state government vendor lists. Report by Marilyn Williamson, Results! Marketing & Communications, Portland, OR.
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May 2002 – Characterization of the Small Roundwood Industry: abstract>>

Overview of treated post industry (roundwood less than 7 inches in diameter and 12 feet or less in length) in the Western U.S. Data includes raw material source, size, species, and current/maximum capacities of the West’s facilities summarized by state and producer segment (manufacture only, manufacture & treat, treat only). Process and raw material availability trends, economic value and employment statistics, and selling prices are included. Supporting information: Treated Post Statistics. Report by Dr. Edwin Burke, Professor of Wood Science at University of Montana School of Forestry, Missoula MT.
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March 2002 – Western United States Imports of Roundwood Posts from Canada, 1991-2001: abstract>>

Trends of Western U.S. imports of Canadian treated and untreated blunt-end roundwood posts, comparisons between Great Falls, MT and Seattle, WA Customs District reported imports, declared value fluctuations, and the proportion of treated versus untreated posts. Discussion and interpretation of the data and noteworthy trends and implications to U.S. producers. Supporting information: Larry Swan’s Roundwood Posts/Imports from Canada. Report by Larry Swan, Forest Products/Economic Development Specialist, USDA Forest Service, Klamath Falls, OR.
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February 2002 – Treated Wood Post Awareness Campaign, Market Research Findings and Recommendations: abstract>>

An overview of treated wood post market segments; purchasing patterns, attitudes, and future intentions among wholesalers, retailers, installers and end-users; environmental issues, competition, and perceptions about CCA regulation changes. Research conducted by Marilyn Williamson, Results! Marketing & Communications, Portland, OR.
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