Vintage Woods, Inc.

Use Vintage Woods products to design architectural masterpieces that combine yester-year’s techniques with today’s technology for a naturally aged look. These environmentally-friendly products use beetle-kill wood and low VOC finishes to create a patina that adds distinction to any architectural project.
Vintage Woods fits any budget by using the aging process on various types of wood. Vintage Woods has a substantial installation savings over reclaimed wood. It comes ready to install and is easier to install because the boards are straight-edged and are all the same widths and thickness. Vintage Woods is available in any width up to 24″ and any length up to 24′. Some of the ways our clients have used our products include: exterior siding, interior and exterior beams, trusses, ceilings and trim, doors and paneling, wine cellars, garage doors, furniture and architectural wood elements.

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