Wheeler Lumber, LLC

Wheeler Lumber is proud to announce the opening of our new computerized wood treating facility. For more than 40 years, Wheeler Lumber has supplied pressure-treated fence posts, poles, squares, lumber, and timber throughout the United States.
Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, our plant combines the latest in computer technology and high-speed pumps to produce a superior product at a competitive price. Add to that an environmentally-friendly preservative – Copper Naphthenate – and you have a winning combination.
All of our products are analyzed per strict guidelines set forth by the American Wood Preservers’ Association. Every charge is physically sampled and assayed electronically to ensure it is treated properly. Wheeler Lumber is a certified TPI plant, which oversees ALSC program material and WQC inspections for Southern Yellow pine and West Coast Douglas fir utility poles.
Dedicated to quality and customer service, Wheeler Lumber can supply all your treated wood needs.

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