Architectural Products -- Roundwood used with the intention of producing a specific look or design. Not necessarily structural in nature.

Archways -- Decorative or functional arch over gates or entrances.

Barn Poles -- Highway sign posts.

Barrier Wrap -- Treated or untreated roundwood encased in a wrap for wood protection.

Biomass -- Wood residues as related to roundwood.

Building Poles -- Roundwood that is commonly used vertically as supports for structures.

Consulting -- Consultants for the roundwood industry.

Corral Rails or Panels -- Rails used for animal enclosures.

Custom Sawing & Machining -- Customer-owned raw materials can be sawed into lumber, peeled for roundwood uses or machined for unique applications.

Doweled Products -- Roundwood with a tenon on the end to fit in a hole.

Doweled Rail Fencing -- A fencing system using rails with tenons on the ends of the rails which fit into a corresponding hole in a fence post. This product can be made using machine-peeled, doweled or hand-peeled materials.

Doweled Wood -- Roundwood turned to an exact diameter the entire length. Machines used for this process are often called rounding machines or dowelers.

Educational -- Universities or other educational facilities.

Engineered Structures -- Pre-engineered structures using roundwood as the major components. Examples include pavilions, truss systems, kiosks and bridges.

Fence Posts -- Roundwood 10' or shorter in length designed to be placed in or on the ground for attachment of horizontal members or wire. These can be pointed and capped or blunt; butt treated, full-length treated or untreated.

Fence Rails -- Roundwood used horizontally on a fence. These can be full round or half round, split rails, peeled, doweled or unpeeled.

Fencing Material -- Any roundwood components used to construct a fence, including fence posts, hinges, latches for wood gates, lag bolts, nails, and staples for attaching rails and wire to a post.

Forestry -- The process of managing forests.

Gates -- Rails and posts usually assembled using drilling and tenoning. This structure is designed to swing or hinge out of the way to produce an opening in a fence.

Gazebos & Kiosks -- Small free-standing roofed structures made of roundwood, usually open on one or more sides.

Government Entity -- Local, State and Federal government agencies such as United States Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management.

Guardrail Posts -- Round or square posts used for attaching highway guardrail.

Hand or Deck Railings -- Roundwood structures that provide safety around high open areas such as decks or lofts.

Hand-peeled Wood -- Roundwood with the bark removed usually done using a draw knife.

Handling Equipment -- Rolling stock such as loaders, forklifts, skidders and log loaders used for handling roundwood.

Hardware -- Hinges, fasteners or couplers used on roundwood products.

Hogfuel -- Biomass used to fire boilers in the production of energy.

Horse Jump Rails -- Rails used in the sport of horse jumping.

Jack Leg Fencing -- Fence posts consisting of two posts which are either drilled and doweled or notched to fit together to form an X that sits on the ground. These are also called Buck Fence and Crotch Posts.

Landscape Products -- Roundwood products or lumber used in landscaping such as retaining walls or decorative boarders. Includes decorative chips or mulch.

Livestock Bedding -- Shavings, chips or sawdust used for animal bedding.

Log Components -- Roundwood supplied to log home and furniture manufacturers.

Log Furniture -- Any rustic or western furniture manufactured from roundwood such as chairs, tables or beds.

Lumber -- Rectangular wood including timbers and cants as opposed to roundwood.

Machine-peeled Wood -- Roundwood with the bark removed by a machine.

Manufacturing Equipment -- Machinery used in the production of any roundwood products. Debarkers, peelers, rounding (dowel) machines, tenon or pointing heads, drills, knives, saws, log processing heads and harvesters are all examples of Manufacturing Equipment.

Pole Barns -- Structures made with roundwood.

Professional Services -- Any business or organization with roundwood industry expertise.

Research -- Organizations studying roundwood products such as the Forest Products Laboratory.

Shipping & Packaging Materials -- Materials used in packaging and shipping of roundwood such as lath, banding, seals and strapping tools.

Tipi Poles & Hogan Logs -- The framework for Native American tipis (also spelled tepee or teepee) and Navajo hogans.

Treated Wood -- Roundwood with the bark removed and then treated with wood preservative.

Treating Facility -- Any plant using wood preservatives to dip or pressure treat roundwood.

Tree Stakes & Crop Poles -- Roundwood used to support saplings or crops; includes hop poles.

Unpeeled Wood -- Roundwood without the bark removed, commonly called "Barkies."

Utility Poles -- Vertically placed poles used for power transmission.

White Wood -- Roundwood with the bark removed by any method; untreated.

Wood Preservatives -- Chemical preservatives used to treat roundwood to prevent decay or rot and prolong the useful life of the product.