IRA Services

IRA services

Education & Training

Our members stay current on industry trends and new advancements in wood products technology and pressure treatment processes so they can help buyers correctly and safely obtain the products needed. We also maintain a close relationship with the Montana Department of Agriculture and sponsor training sessions for recertification of pesticide applicator licenses every other year.

Regular meetings, networking and idea sharing, getting and giving referrals, learning new sources of supplies and markets, and a timely and informative newsletter all help IRA members build their businesses. We help them find state and federal loan opportunities and have presented a unified voice in the implementation of workers’ compensation, payroll and independent contractor rulings.

Marketing Support


The IRA conducted a two-year awareness building campaign directed at the fencing industry and end-users. Print advertising in both regional and national media highlighted attributes of proper versus inferior-treated posts and poles.

We developed a four-color brochure, How to Recognize Quality Treated Posts and Poles, available to all IRA members for distribution to customers and prospects. It contains the AWPA C16 Standard for recommended pressure-treatment retentions and depth of penetration for wood posts in ground contact.

We surveyed government buyers and specifiers of wood post and pole products to discover the most effective means for our members to reach this special buyer group and gain new sales. Respondents included the U.S. Bureau of Land Management; U.S. Forest Service; and six Western states’ Fish, Wildlife and Parks departments.

We then provided our members with specific guidelines to plug into government buying systems and learn how to submit bids on projects. A report of the government buyer survey is available in this website.

The IRA also participated in local, state and regional industry trade shows where buyers and end-users learned about our members’ products and services and were educated on proper pressure treatment of roundwood products.

Industry Advocacy

We are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an organization endeavoring to cooperate with environmental mandates:

  • The IRA was instrumental in obtaining a favorable ruling from EPA concerning the addition of fence rails in the new Use Categories for CCA-treated products.
  • We had a strong voice in the EPA’s final ruling concerning drip pad standards and restricted-use pesticide in 1992.
  • The IRA received funding for this website through a matching grant from the U.S. Forest Service. The agency recognizes us as legitimate timber producers with a viable interest in Forest Service management policies.

The IRA continually works with our members to portray a united industry to government agencies.

Buyer Services

We will help all roundwood buyers to source your product needs, assist with logistics and shipping, and provide current information on pressure-treatment standards. And, we can add value to your products when required, including special cuts, drilling, tenoning, and providing split-rail fencing materials.

Within this website, you can:

Find sellers of products within our membership.

Email us with any questions you have about products, standards, or other informational requests